Rules of the video archive “Leoteka” from 29-06-2018

These Rules apply to all legal entities and individuals using video recordings and other materials of the private video archive “Leoteka”.

The legal entity (…) (hereinafter referred to as the TV Channel or the Customer) and the Author, Oleg Leus, hereinafter referred to as the Parties, conclude a public contract (offer) for the transfer (sale) by the Author to the TV channel of video records and the rights to use them.

The Author grants to TV Channel NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to use the purchased video records.

In order to conclude a public contract with the Author, the TV Channel sends to the Author a letter signed by an authorized employee of the TV Channel, which on behalf of the TV Channel agrees with the public agreement (Rules the video archive “Leoteka”).

After the conclusion of the public contract, within several months the TV Channel receives video records of the Author on the conditions of an advance payment. In a few months, the Author can provide the TV Channel with the right to receive video recordings on post-pay terms.

The TV Channel can order video records by e-mail or (in urgent cases) by phone. Working hours of the Author: from 09:00 to 19:00 local time.

The Author determines the cost of video records.

The parties (the TV Channel and the Author) agree on the method of payment for video records.

The TV Channel pays for the Author the tax on income of individuals, calculates the amount of tax from the fee and provides the Author with an e-mail with a copy of the receipt for payment of tax.

The author sends a text description of the purchased video files to the TV Channel.

The TV Channel has the right to use the author’s video recordings on air programs and on its official website without the right to free downloading of video records by users free of charge.

At the same time, the TV Channel has the right to independently stamp the “Leoteka” logo on the used Author’s video records.

The TV channel can use the Author’s video records only in accordance with the public agreement set forth in these Rules. The TV Channel does not have the right to resell or transfer the author’s video records to third parties for free.

The TV Channel has the right to buy video records for another customer, who in turn must send a letter to the Author about the agreement with the public agreement (Rules of the video archive “Leoteka”).

When using online photos of the site “Leoteka” an active hyper link to the site “Leoteka” ( is mandatory.